The Best

I had my broken Tibia repaired by Dr. Chad Weber and also attended the Physical Therapy at this office. My experience has been nothing but the best...everyone is very caring and thorough with my leg! I would recommend Dr. Weber and this group to anyone!

— Lisa Kahle Long

The Best

Dr. heckler is by far the BEST orthopedic in town. He takes his time, is patient and knowledgeable. We always send new patients to him. Thank you for your great work!

— Taylor Turner

Little York Location

They Actually Do Care

Plain and simply put, these doctors, nurses and everyone caring and excel at what they do - they do it for you because they actually do care... I've been to several doctors for different needs over the last 2 years, I'm completely and totally satisfied...

— John

Brookville, Ohio


Dr. Hatic has done 3 surgeries on my feet 2 on my left and 1 on my right. I would never trust anyone else to work on my feet. He has great manners, very informative, shows me my xrays and tells me what I will need to do next. Answers my questions and him , Tori and his staff have always treated me great. When I have my surgeries I know I am in great hands. I recommend him to everyone I speak with.

— Toni Ervin

Little York Location

Very Caring People

Very caring people who will do what they feel is the best for your situation. They have always treated me as a person, not as a "patient"!

— Chris Reynolds

Sidney Location

Very Happy

Our son was seen and treated by Dr Hatic and Dr Heckler. As a student-athlete they were both very focused on getting his knee repaired and back to play as quick as possible without sacrificing the future integrity of the joint. Very happy with the experience thus far.

— Darrin Shook

Yankee Location

Very Knowledgeable

They have a friendly, very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate staff. They treat everyone from patients to the family with care and respect.

— Cindy Taylor

Wonderful Care

I have the utmost respect for my patient/surgeon relationship with Dr. Klug @ Orthopedic Associates of Southwest Ohio. His professional care over the past two years helped immensely. Recommended by my workplace, Dr. Klug, his assistants, staff and the wonderful care given to me by in house physical therapists are top notch. Dayton, Ohio is fortunate to have Dr. Klug's decades of experience to help people victim of accidents and sickness.

— Paul Gilreath

Little York Location

Wonderful Experience

I have had a wonderful experience with the staff, surgery, office visits, and physical therapy. They are beyond professional and kind. Thanks for all you do! It’s great to have this asset in our community close to home.

— Cari Beth