Are you aware that OA offers hours that may be more convenient for you than traditional office hours? Our orthopedic team is available at our Centerville office Monday – Friday (5pm – 8pm) and Saturday (8am – 11am). Our Centerville office is located off of 675, just east of the Dayton Mall at 7677 Yankee St, Suite 110 Dayton, OH 45459. While life-threatening injuries and concussions are best seen in the ER, sports injuries, fractures, sprains, strains, and dislocations can all be taken care of at our Centerville office.

Why should you choose our OrthoCare After Hours Clinic?

• Immediate care when you need it We understand that injuries usually don’t happen at the most convenient time. We’ve found many sports injuries happen after school and work or on weekends and believe you should have access to orthopedic care during those times. We also know that just after an injury, the last thing you want to be worrying about is finding an available appointment. Our office is open until 8pm during the week and noon on Saturdays and is prepared to handle walk-ins – no appointments are necessary.

• Treatment provided by Orthopedic experts Our office is staffed with orthopedic experts. An ER or Urgent Care can certainly provide care for you, but the ER physicians’ specialties may not be in orthopedics. In fact, often times they will stabilize your injury and then refer you to make a follow up appointment with an orthopedic doctor. At our OrthoCare office, you’ll see an orthopedic specialist upon arrival.

• X-Ray imaging available At our Centerville office, we have imaging available and can see the extent of your injuries first hand. We won’t refer you to a lab for x-rays. This saves time diagnosing your injury and we are able to start your treatment plan immediately.

• Potentially less expensive than an ER or Urgent Care visit Did you know the average cost of an ER visit is over $1700? It also takes an average of 4.5 hrs. OA OrthoCare accepts most insurances and usually costs a lot less than an ER visit. Additionally, a typical visit lasts no more than 90 minutes.

Our team of specialists is ready to take care of you. Call 937.439.0645 or Learn More.