By John Urse, DO

Patient preferences for adherence to treatment of osteoarthritis involves many factors. The Medication Decisions in Osteoarthritis Study (MEDOS) by Laba, et al, described parameters that patients used to determine their course of action.

Those seven (7) medication-specific factors are:

  • pain efficacy
  • mode of action
  • dose frequency
  • treatment schedule
  • side effects
  • prescription
  • out-of-pocket costs

Four of the seven listed above had the most effect on as to whether to continue medication – mode of action, treatment schedule, side effects and out-of-pocket costs.

Thus, if one is using alternative or complimentary medications, these factors will be important deciding factors if a patient will sustain treatment for osteoarthritis.

Reference: Laba, et. al: The Medication Decisions in OA Study (MEDOS); BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 14:160, 2013 May