What is a Physician Assistant?

Physician Assistants (PA) are trained members of our healthcare team who are nationally certified and state licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. A PA is trained and educated to see patients, conduct physical exams, diagnose and begin treatment as well as read and interpret diagnostic tests and even assist physicians in surgery.


A PA’s education is formatted similarly to a medical school curriculum, involving both didactic and clinical training. PA’s must complete a master’s degree PA-C and complete 2000 hrs in clinic in addition to 1000 hour in classroom.

How is a PA Different From a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NP) are similar to PA’s in that they are Advanced Practice Providers, often working with physicians, nurses and medical assistants on a healthcare team. However, PA’s and NP’s go through different curriculums. PA’s are trained under a medical model resembling that of an MD/DO’s, where comparatively, a NP’s training is under a nursing model.

How do PA's Work with Doctors?

Because PA’s have a wide range of capabilities, they work well with physicians, allowing more patients to get expert care, and allowing physicians more room for complex cases.

Physician Assistants are valued and trusted members of our team at OA. Our team of professionals work together to ensure each patient gets the individualized care needed to help improve their mobility and quality of life.

Meet our PA's

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