Don't be a Turkey

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches and we all start thinking about delicious meals and holiday activities with family, it's worth taking a moment to talk about the small things you can do to keep yourself out of the emergency room this season. According to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), turkey carving is in the top five most common injuries on Thanksgiving. Below are some kitchen tips from the area’s largest group of Hand Surgeons this holiday season:

  • Keep your fingers curled into a C-shape while slicing and dicing
  • Always cut away from yourself
  • Never put your hand under the meat or vegetables you are trying to cut or dice
  • Use appropriate knives, sharp enough to limit the resistance during cutting
  • Your cutting area should be clean and dry to prevent slipping
  • Consider your surroundings and don’t cut rushed or distracted

In the unfortunate event that you do cut yourself this season, keep in mind the very important tips to prevent further damage to your nerves and tendons that may require surgery to repair.

  • First and foremost, control bleeding by applying pressure
  • If bleeding can’t be controlled, or the wound is visibly deep, please seek emergency treatment
  • If you feel numbness or cannot straighten or bend injured fingers, please see a hand surgeon as soon as possible
  • For any significant damage, you should schedule an appointment with one of our hand surgeon sooner rather than later to minimize permanent damage.

Cuts to the hand or finger can range from mild to severe. In in any case it is important to apply first aid to prevent serious infection. At home treatments will very depending on the severity, but if you have any question, please seek emergency care. Minor wounds should show signs of healing in the first week. If you experience continued pain or signs of infection, seek the attention of a physician.

Our fellowship-trained team of Hand Experts and all of us at Orthopedic Associates are wishing you a happy healthy holiday season!

family in the kitchen