Innovative Hand Therapy Technique Featured in ASHTimes

Kantessa Stewart, an Occupational Hand Therapist at Orthopedic Associates, was recently featured in ASHTimes, the national newsletter of the American Society of Hand Therapists. Her article highlights the success she has achieved using a progressive technique called Casting Motion to Mobilize Stiffness (CMMS) for hand patients experiencing functional limitations due to stiffness.

At Orthopedic Associates, we take pride in delivering the highest quality care through professional collaboration and innovative techniques that enhance the quality of our patients' lives.

Read the article by clicing the image below and learn more about this innovative technique.

Progressive Hand Therapy Technique In Dayton Ohio

Orthopedic Associates is the region's leader in orthopedic care including the intricate anatomy of the hand. Our world renown hand surgeons are dedicated to delivering comprehensive care of the structures of the hand. This commitment extends beyond the surgical, and includes collaborative teamwork with certified hand therapists, together, addressing overall patient well-being, from structural functionality to facilitating a smooth transition back to a fulfilling life. With less than 8,000 certified hand therapists worldwide, we are proud to provide our patients with convenient access to this specialized care at many of our locations.

In recent years, hand therapists at OA locations, along with only one other provider in Ohio, have successfully applied a specialized technique known as the Casting Motion to Mobilize Stiffness. This innovative approach has proven particularly effective for some of our most challenging patients. Many of which are successfully regaining mobility in their hands and are getting back to living a happy healthy life.

Certified Hand Therapist, Kantessa Stewart, explains that after her specialized training learning the Casting Motion to Mobilize Stiffness therapy method, she noticed the impact on some of her stiffest patients. "It's really been a useful tool because patients who've previously exhausted all other therapies are seeing progress happen with this technique, which in turn motivates them to keep going."

Like most therapy, the more you move, the better movement you get, but for the small intricate parts of the hand, focusing on these small painful joints can be difficult. By demobilizing healthy structures with a series of casts we can help target those smaller areas of immobility. "Essentially the goal is to demobilize the functional parts of the hand with a cast, which naturally forces adaptive techniques in the parts of the hand that aren't moving as well. We find that if you take away all the movement that's easy, it forces previously painful or stiff joints to start moving, and by practicing that movement, the joint becomes less stiff and more functional," Kantessa explains.

As one of the select few hand therapists in the Dayton area offering this specialized service, combined with our collaborative approach to patient care, we take pride in providing patients with the most progressive treatment options, ensuring the best possible recovery.

To learn more about the impact this therapy is having, watch as Dr. Andrew Malarkey's patient, Jay, who recently graduated from this casting method, shares his experience and how he's getting back to one of his favorite hobbies.