Camp Emanuel and OA - 2023

For over 15 years, OA's Dr. Brent Bamberger has created a yearly tradition of support for Camp Emanuel, a day camp designed to help campers of different learning abilities learn and grow from each other, by hosting a day of fishing and other activities on his property.

Camp Emanuel has served over 1700 children throughout its 30-year history. It is a fully accredited day and resident camp providing a unique opportunity for hearing, language, and developmentally disabled children to interact with hearing children in two summer programs designed to provide stimulating educational, arts and crafts and recreational activities.

Camp Emanuel has not only helped so many neuro-typical children and those with special needs of all ages, but also offered a unique opportunity to OA staff and surgical resident's work with each other and with the campers to help with teambuilding and further education of the ideals instilled in Camp Emanuel.

For the most up to date information and ways to support, please visit Camp Emanuel's website:

Camp Emanuel and OA - 2022

Camp Emanuel is a series of 3 camps that cater to neuro-typical children and those with special needs of all ages. Each camp is designed to help campers of different abilities learn and grow from each other. During these camps, counselors strive to teach campers that everyone learns differently and it’s important to make everyone feel accepted. With many returning campers, every year the highlight is seeing how much each camper has grown and increased their independence.

Orthopedic Associates’ Dr. Brent Bamberger has been supporting Camp Emanuel for the last 15 years, 4 of which have included a full day of fishing, lunch, activities, and ice cream from the Ice Cream Trolley. Every year Several OA employees and interns take the opportunity to work with campers and with each other in a new environment that helps promote teambuilding and further promote the ideals of Camp Emanuel.

More information about Camp Emanuel:

  • Day camp: 5 days long from 9am-4pm at Delco Park
  • Resident camp: 5 days 4 night overnight camp for ages 8-graduation age. Held at Camp Kern.
  • Alumni camp: 3 days 2 nights for our older campers. Held at Camp Kern.

Contact Ronnie Stokes for information on how to join Camp Emanuel: